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"Guidelines and good practices on quantitative assessments of research"


23 avril 2015 : Publication de "The Leiden manifesto for research Metrics", Nature, 520, 429-431 par Diana Hicks, Paul Wouters, Ludo Waltman, Sarah de Rijcke & Ismael Rafols.
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15 septembre 2014 : Follow-up to the STI 2014 Leiden Conference

Please, take note of "The Leiden manifesto in the making: proposal of a set of principles on the use of assessment metrics in the S&T indicators conference"


12 mai 2014 : International Workshop, Paris

Workshop organised by the Observatoire des Sciences et des Techniques, in collaboration with CWTS, OST-UQAM, SPRU, NIFU, KU Leuven, INGENIO and OcyT.

This workshop was dedicated to discuss what type of guidelines and good practices on quantitative assessments of research should be recommended to funding agencies, public research organisations and higher education institutions. It aimed to set up an agenda for a network of institutions willing to elaborate a “manual” (similar to Unesco/OECD manuals) that help users by offering them standards for accountability and expert advice on good scientometric practices. This workshop was mainly concerned with indicators relative usefulness and robustness for diverse purposes and contexts, for example evaluation of scientific impact at individual or organisational level, strategic positioning of various research institutions, or research concerning societal challenges.

Our hope is to start a process involving many practitioners all over the world, in order to build shared recommendations for the various uses of standard scientometric indicators.


Scientific Committee:                                                   

Ismael Rafols, INGENIO & SPRU

Paul Wouters & Sarah de Rijcke, CWTS

Ghislaine Filliatreau, OST    

Yves Gingras, OST-UQAM

Gunnar Sivertsen, NIFU

Monica Salazar, OCyT

Wolfgang Glänzel, KU Leuven


Participants from:

Academic Hospital Utrecht (NL)                                       NIFU (NO)

CWTS - University of Leiden (NL)                                    OECD (Intl.) 

Digital Science (UK)                                                         ORCID (Intl.)

EMBO (Intl)                                                                      OST (FR)

ERCEA (EC)                                                                    OST-UQAM (CA)       

Euro-CRIS (Intl.)                                                               PSI (UK)

IFQ (DE)                                                                           Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences (NL)

INGENIO (ES)                                                                  SPRU - University of Sussex (UK)

INRA (FR)                                                                         Science Europe (UK)

Mines-ParisTech (FR)                                                      University of Utrecht (NL)


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